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Physical Therapy for chronic pain in Houston TX

Physical therapy can be considered as the best choice one can make for chronic pain (long-term pain). This makes you stronger and helps you feel better. Always ask your doctor to recommend a physical therapist for you.

How does therapy treat pain?

Physical therapists are the experts who not only treat the pain but also its source. They generally work in hospitals, fitness centers, rehabilitation, and research facilities. A physical therapist will look for the areas of weakness or stiffness and will treat them with certain exercises to ease the pain.

But before taking any sort of physical therapy, it is good to know about all the positives and negatives of undertaking such a treatment before you plan to take one up.

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In the physical therapy session, you may do a mix of:

– Aerobic Training

– Strengthening exercises

– Pain relief exercises

– Stretching

– Heat and ice packs

– Deep tissue massage

Side Effects

Some side effects of physical therapy are:

– Pain

– Fatigue

– Muscle aches

– Muscle soreness

– Pain in lower back

– Muscle pains

Thus Physical Therapy is a component of rehabilitation to build strength and fitness. This may be used for short-term after an injury or for long-term for traumatic injury or illness such as stroke. Physical Therapy is important to regain as much independence and functioning as possible.