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Discovering The Religious Application Of The Term Parousia

 All Christians who are a believer in Christ has been curious about the second coming of him. This was something which they wanted to clarify in the first place. After all this time, the questions still haunt them whether it was true or not. Nevertheless, people just asked to believe in the Scriptures. Right now, most of these folks are talking seriously about the Parousia or much known as the rapture.

The term itself was defined as an Ancient Greek word which means presence or arrival. In the Holy Bible, the book of Revelation clearly states about the second coming. The one who will come again was none other than the son of God. This means that Jesus will come again and save the oppressed and weak.

A New Jerusalem will be established and there is no more problems and worriedness. God makes sure that all his people are loved and finally feel peace in the heart. However, there is a great price to pay in order to gain a place in heaven. These folks must have the idea of what the Bible has to talk about. Clarifications are necessary.

These people must at least have the idea of what it does talk about. Right now, everybody has been talking about the hidden messages from the chapters of Revelation. St. John was believed to be the prophet who is asked to visit heaven and witness the plans of the Lord to the world. But then again, God is very particular with one thing.

Repentance is clearly necessary and this is a way to eventually cleanse yourself from the sins you have. God was very much particular in asking forgiveness. Besides, even Christians know how vital it is to eventually know such matters. The rapture or the end of time is about to come. The people of the Lord and all his creations must be ready.

This particular event is one of the most anticipated happenings. The Christian believers who are still alive will eventually rise along together with the resurrected dead believers. This is a way to essentially join Christ in the New Heaven. Hence, everyone is expected to repent as of now for the sake of the future.

People are expected to do their own thing and must follow the commandments. The Holy Bible should be read on a regular basis. Besides, this was a prime example of being a good follower. Everyone is asked to read the Bible and at the same time follow the leads and lessons found in this book. These people must remember it.

Everyone was expected to do their very best in order to be a good follower. The world itself has been damaged and many souls are not at peace and lost. Perhaps, when the time is right, the Lord will come and he will make the path straight. The gates are wide open to the new Heaven wherein everyone deserves to have a place.

You must earn your place in this particular area. You should start repenting and start to follow the leads and rules of God. You are accepted if you are willing to give up everything. You should need to remain faithful and be a better Christian just like others. Right now, everyone is expected to do also the same thing.

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