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Food and Drink

Japanese cuisine was greatly sprinkled around the Earth, with western restaurants popping up on daily basis in the western world.  Sushi is possibly the most well recognized Japanese dish, and many restaurants really wind up being focused around it. These generally do not wind up in your plate on the regional Japanese restaurants.

Natto are you courageous enough to gulp down food which provides an odor of old gym socks which have not been washed .These sour and salty pickled plums include range from small to big, and out of soft and succulent to quite dry and tough. You can try kinds of delicious recepie from  for best  Japanese menu(which is also known as” สำหรับเมนูอาหารญี่ปุ่นที่ดีที่สุด” in the Thai language)  .

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During my website I have been introducing you to numerous different dishes and emphasis that the Japanese cuisine because of its wide selection and tastes which are similar to none. But, Japanese dishes aren’t always user-friendly.There are numerous odd foods coming from Japan, for that the flavor is obtained with time.

 Natto is a food product that’s made of fermented soybeans.Think tacky, tacky beans at a tiny Styrofoam container, appearing like they’ve been stored there for many generations.  It is in fact among the healthiest dishes that the Japanese cuisine may provide.

Normally, Natto is served in addition to  white rice, along with a unique sauce and a touch of mustard.  Occasionally Japanese folks mix in uncooked egg into the dish simply to grow its bizarreness.  I find the entire thing yummy.  Umeboshi Plums If you believe lemon heads are sour, then you should haven’t heard of tasted Umeboshi Plums yet.