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7 Qualities That Distinguish The Best Personal Trainers

There are several ways to separate those personal trainers who are truly interested in helping others to achieve optimal fitness goals from those who just want to straighten their pockets.

According to experts, the seven qualities that distinguish the best personal trainers in Ottawa who cares about your fitness are:

1. Education

But the best way to assess the skills of a personal trainer is the type and amount of education the trainer has. Ideally, they must have a degree in sports physiology, physical education, health and fitness, sports medicine, or anatomy.

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2. Certification

To ensure that a prospective personal trainer is truly qualified to work with your body, ask about the types of requirements that must be met to become certified.

3. Experience

The amount of experience that a personal trainer has is an indication of good quality.

4. Excellent Observation Skills

Personal trainers must monitor your every move during the session; correct your form or performance whenever needed. He also must pay attention to signs of dehydration and excessive fatigue and take appropriate action.

5. Great Communication Skills

A qualified personal trainer must be able to communicate during the training process clearly.  

6. Motivation expert

Top coaches encourage you to do better than you believe you can and do what you believe is impossible.

7.Network with Medical Professionals

A qualified personal trainer often has ties to the medical community. As mentioned earlier, the trainer must recognize when a problem is outside his expertise and refer the client to the appropriate medical professional.

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